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Self & Career Exploration Activities

Big Future

Exploring Big Future can help you expand self and career exploration–building upon what you learned in 8th grade. This specific page is great to help you focus on the journey toward your future.


Each Belleville East and West student has an account with ILCIS. You may search careers through this site. It also has a great tool called Reality Check where you identify what kind of lifestyle you would like to have when you are an adult. The reality check will help you determine what sort of income and career you will need for that lifestyle.

To login to this site, login through Clever.

Non-Traditional Careers

Female Pilots? Male Teachers? Yes, please! See more non-traditional options linked in this website. Check it out!

Setting Goals & Managing Time

Setting goals is an important part of your success. Watch the video to see how this student uses an unconventional study method to help with procrastination.

Or set a SMART goal the AVID way. Use the worksheet below to help set one. Reach it & then set another one!

Managing Stress

For helpful tips, watch the videos below! Mr. Crouthers explains great tips to help get you on track. The mindfulness meditation video can help start your day or be helpful in times of stress.

Other tips:

Find ways to self-regulate. Exercise is a great tool to manage stress. Get out and exercise at least 30 minutes each day.

Reach out to your school counselor or social worker. Their contact information is below. They have great tools to help you succeed!

School Counselors

Reach out to your counselor if you need some help with managing stress or need some tools for success.

East Counselors

Michelle Seneczyn

Last Names A – Co

Dr. Jennifer Stenger

Last Names Cr – Ha

Andrea Barriger

Last Names He – Ka

Brittany Cox

Last Names Ke – Nu

Chrissie Turner

Last Names O – Sn

Sarah Gordon

Last Names St – Z

West Counselors

Jen McMurray

Last Names A – D

Tedros Solomon

Last Names E – J

Julia Daniels

Last Names K – P

Ashley Cryder

Last Names Q – S

Danielle Koeneman

Last Names T – Z

Amanda Guinn

CTE East & West