BTHS District 201

College &
Career Readiness

Career Clusters

Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

People who work in Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources cluster produce and sell products ranging from food to raw materials. This cluster has a focus on our environment.

Arts & Communications

People who work in Arts & Communications cluster produce art or help communicate with society using print, digital media, movies, television, theater, live productions, radio, and the internet.

Finance & Business Services

Finance is the business of money. Financial Service companies help people manage and grow their money. Business Services is the management of day to day operations in business organizations, whether managing the company as an owner, executive or general manager or helping to support the business as an administrative assistant or receptionist.

This cluster focuses on money and business.

Health Sciences & Technology

Healthcare careers focus on patient health and wellness. These careers are also concerned with the technology and science of medicine. Health Science careers are helping careers rooted in science and technology.

Human & Public Services

Human and Public Service Careers are helping careers. People in this career cluster help individuals, families or entire communities. Workers in this cluster are crucial to our everyday life. They might help maintain our safety, help us in times of crisis, or serve in our governments.

Information Technology

Information Technology is a broad field of careers relating to computers and computer systems. Careers in this field will involve building, maintaining, supporting, and fixing computer systems and software applications.

Professionals in this field can support individuals or entire businesses. This field evolves rapidly.

Manufacturing, Engineering,
Technology & Trades

This career cluster is the largest. It includes jobs in areas like Architecture and Construction, Energy, Manufacturing, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and Transportation, Distribution and Logistics.

Professionals in these fields help build, design, power, and deliver our world. These professionals also help to solve problems facing our society by designing better products and helping to use energy in a responsible way.