BTHS District 201

College &
Career Readiness

Cooperative Education

Bridging the gap between
education & employment

The Cooperative Education program is designed to provide seniors the opportunity to bridge the gap between education and employment while remaining a student. It is a structured method of combining classroom-based education with practical work experience. Students will earn graduation credits for successful completion of the program.

About the Program

The Perfect Opportunity for Your Senior Year

Students are released from school for their paid cooperative education work experience. They are required to attend a minimum of three classes. The program waives the PE requirement and offers triple credits for graduation.

Classroom instruction focuses on providing students with job survival skills, career exploration skills related to the job, and improving students’ abilities to interact positively with others. The goal of the cooperative work experience is for the student to gain part-time employment and maintain employment with acceptable skills.

The course content includes the following broad areas of emphasis: further career education opportunities, planning for the future, job-seeking skills, personal development, human relationships, legal protection and responsibilities, economics and the job, organizations, and job termination.

Get real-world job experience

Waives PE requirement

Get Triple Credits

Learn valuable skills

How to Apply

This program requires an application process. Students are accepted based on acceptable attendance, grades and teacher recommendations.


Complete an application in the spring of your junior year.


Complete the appropriate application for your school below. Questions? Contact the people listed below your school’s application for help.

Belleville West Application

Click below to complete the online application

West Contacts:

Mrs. Steely

Mrs. McLeod

Ms. Thompson

Belleville East Application

Print the below application and give to Mr. Crask

East CoOp Site

East Contacts:

Mrs. Czyz

Mr. Crask