BTHS District 201

College &
Career Readiness

Career Choice

It’s important to consider your personal values when choosing a career path. In previous years, we have considered only your interests, skills, and abilities to choose a career. The Work Importance Locator on ILCIS, will help you clarify what values you have and how they match with the work world.

Follow Up

Now is the time to be thinking about ways to get to the career you’d like. Remember there are many ways to reach your destination. Here are some options:



Get that resume you created this summer to your counselor and English teacher. Have it proofread. Be sure to add any accomplishments from your senior year.


You’ve narrowed down your choices for after high school this past summer, discuss those with your counselor at your senior meeting. (Have you scheduled your senior meeting?)

Email your counselor TODAY!

Letters of Recommendation

When do I need a Letter of Recommendation?

  • Scholarship Applications
  • Job Applications
  • College Applications
  • Apprenticeship Applications
  • Military Academy Applications

You can find the Letter of Recommendation Request form here.

Financial Considerations

College Financial Terms

Check out this video for definitions of commonly used terms in college financial aid offices!

Other college financial resources can be found here.

Contact our ISAC representative for questions about college admissions or financial considerations.

Personal Finance

Choosing your career and navigating life after high school will be easier with a grasp on some solid personal finance information. Remember back to your civics class sophomore year? If you need a refresher & some more information, check out these 2 video series from Khan Academy:

Employability Skills

Do you have what it takes to be an effective employee? Important skills to work on this year are:

  • Personal Ethic
  • Work Ethic
  • Communication
  • Team Work

These skills will be crucial to your future success. Developing these skills is as easy as practicing in class or at your job.

To Do List

Important Items to Consider can all be found in your senior planning guide. You got one from your counselor. Please check in with that guide this year to ensure you are on track for your graduation date. It includes information on:

  • How to request transcripts
  • When to file the FAFSA
  • Scholarship links
  • Military Contacts
  • Things to consider when choosing a trade/vocational school
  • and much more!