BTHS District 201

College &
Career Readiness

Important Milestones

This year you will:

  1. Take exams which will impact your college decisions and scholarship opportunities.

    Here are some resources to help you prepare:

  2. Be offered the opportunity to take more classes which are eligible for dual credit–college and high school credit in the same class.
  3. Be offered more variety in classes that you are able to take.
  4. Take leadership roles in the school, classroom, clubs, and athletic teams.

Post High School Options

Now is the time to be thinking about ways to get to the career you’d like. Remember there are many ways to reach your destination. Here are some options:

Earn while you Learn

These are often associated with in-demand career fields like healthcare and technology. These can also be traditional apprenticeship opportunities in the manufacturing or construction related fields. Many of these opportunities are listed on the Apprenticeship/Internship Resource page.

2 Year College/Trade School

Students enter trade school or a community college to begin their studies and earn certificates for careers requiring short term training. Students will often go on to 4 year colleges from the community college. Here is an article explaining 5 Reasons to Attend a Community College.

4 Year College/University

Students who choose this path require more schooling for their chosen career path including those who will have to go on to graduate school after completing a 4 year degree. Most students will need to consider ways to help pay for university tuition and fees. Completing the FAFSA is a task that parents and students will complete beginning October of their senior year. ISAC is a resource in Illinois to help students with college planning, including financial planning.


Many students choose a path in the military right after high school. Some want lifelong careers in the service while others use that opportunity to help them pay for college. Here is a link to exploring careers in the military.

All of the above

Some students will choose a little from each of the 4 options above to help them reach their career goals.

Get Involved

Join a volunteer group to gain experience and serve your community:

  2. Belleville AmeriCorps — get PAID to serve

Search for opportunities by your area of interest. For example, if you are interested in working in health care, seek out hospital volunteer programs or maybe the Ronald McDonald House.

Here is a source to help spur ideas to volunteer.

Summer Homework

Before you begin your senior year, try these 2 tasks:

Develop a Resume

Begin by listing your accomplishments in high school, awards, work experience, relevant classes, volunteer experience, and leadership experience. Decide what you can do your senior year to strengthen your resume for jobs, apprenticeships, college admission and/or scholarships.

Be sure to have someone proofread your resume before submitting it to an employer or a college. Remember a scholarship/college resume and a job resume will be different. See the video and buttons below for help!

Develop a Post High School Plan

Think about your skills, abilities, and values. Consider the training and education needed for jobs which match your skills, abilities, and values. Also, look at the labor market to see the demand and wages paid for the careers you are considering.

College: Identify 3-5 colleges you want to consider. This might mean narrowing down some options.

Military: Speak to a recruiter to discuss potential paths.

Apprenticeship: Research qualifications for potential apprenticeships.

Trade/Technical School: Identify 3 schools who offer your chosen field of study. Don’t forget about community colleges like SWIC.

Earn While You Learn: Research companies who will hire you in a entry-level job and help pay for training/college while you work there. This can be traditional apprenticeship opportunities or companies like local hospitals.