BTHS District 201

Bridges Connections

Welcome to Bridges Connections


The Bridges Connections Program is dedicated to empowering young adults, with diverse needs, for postsecondary success while instilling lifelong independence skills. Equal emphasis is placed on collaboration with our community businesses to provide real-life experiences for our students. Our main goal is to help our students acquire the skills needed to reach their individual potential.

About Bridges Connections

The Bridges program provides students with a wide variety of experiences targeting basic life skills in the areas of employment, independent living, and functional academics. All staff are committed to developing student success whether it be on-campus, in the community or at a partner job site. Our curriculum targets socialization, self-advocacy, daily living, community and employment skills.


4063 Frank Scott Parkway


Our Paraprofessionals

Ainsworth, Kris
Butler, Travis
Chapple, Desmond
Denszmore, Kenisha
Dixon Kameka
Gates, Latoya
Gates, Latoya
Goodreau, Marcy
Gonzalez, Miriam
Jordan, Jason
Kettler, Melissa
Lebert, John
McGarrity, Logan
Meyer, Gordan
Oelrich, Christina
Roper, Pam
Simoncelli, Karen
Smith, Andy
Spraggins, Demechico
Steiner, Diane
Unverzagt, Wendy