BTHS District 201

Health & Safety

Emergency Allergy Health Care Plan

If your child has a history of an aphylactic reaction (a life-threatening allergic reaction), and your physician recommends the administration of an Epi-pen and/or Benadryl, please complete an Emergency Allergy Health Care Plan and an Authorization and Permission for Administration of Prescription Medication form. This information will allow the Health Office to effectively meet and respond to your child’s allergic condition.

Review the care plan with your student and physician. Please have the physician sign both the care plan and medication form. If an Epi-Pen or Avi-Q  are required, your student may carry the medication, once physician approval is received. Please provide the Health Office with an additional Epi-pen, Avi-Q, and/or Benadryl to ensure the best care for your student.

Please return all forms promptly to ensure that a plan is in place for your student at the beginning of the school year. For any questions or concerns, you may call West Health Office at 618.222.7649 and East Health Office at 618.222.3735 or 618.222.3775