What is a School Social Worker?

School social workers are trained mental health professionals with an advanced degree in social work who provide a variety of services to students, families, schools, and the community. School Social Workers intervene to identify and eliminate social, emotional, behavioral barriers to students’ academic success and overall social-emotional development.

What do School Social Workers do?

    School Social Workers help STUDENTS:

    1. Feel empowered to maximize their educational opportunities
    2. Develop coping skills to manage feelings (stress, worry, anger, etc.)
    3. Manage conflict in a healthy manner
    4. Develop decision making skills
    5. Cope with crisis situations

    School Social Workers help PARENTS:

    1. Participate effectively in their children’s education
    2. Understand and meet their children’s social and emotional needs
    3. Understand and access programs available to students with special needs
    4. Access and utilize school and community resources effectively

    School Social Workers help SCHOOLS:

    1. Communicate with teachers, administrators, counselors and other staff to understand factors (cultural, societal, economic, familial, health, etc.)
    2. Utilize their resources in meeting the educational, social and emotional needs of students
    3. Assist with identification, assessment, and eligibility determination for students requiring Individualized Education Plans and 504 Accommodation Plans
    4. Monitor progress and address social/emotional goals of students receiving special education services
    5. Promote a safe school environment
    6. Create and deliver professional development or in-service training

    School Social Workers help COMMUNITIES:

    1. Understand school policies, programs and practices
    2. Minimize those environmental factors that inhibit learning
    3. Identify and link to resources to adequately meet the needs of students and families
    4. Collaborate and advocate to benefit students and families

    Individual School Based Services Offered at Belleville East

    School Based Groups Offered at Belleville East

    Teen Aged Grief (TAG) Group

    This is a grief support group that addresses the unique grief issues teens face as they cope with the death of a family member or friend. TAG group is facilitated by the counseling staff of the Heartlinks Grief Center through Family Hospice.

    Safe Spaces Teen Talks

    This group provides opportunities for students to learn about healthy dating relationships through education and conversation with peers.  Safe Spaces is facilitated by the counseling staff from the Violence Prevention Center of Southern Illinois.


    * Students can be referred to a group by a parent or staff member, or they can self-refer.  To participate in one of these groups, please contact your counselor or social worker.

    Meet our Social Workers

    Laurie Gray

    Neilie Sternau

    Rashida McKinley

    Scott Neufeld-Wall

    24 Hour Crisis Hotlines

    Crisis Support Services

    Counseling / Mental Health Services

    Grief and Loss

    Community Assistance

     Food Services

    Medical Testing

    Homeless Services / Shelters

    LGBTQ+ Resources

    Parenting Resources

    Substance Abuse