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English Department Chair

Jessica Templin

Phone: 618-222-3711

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Courses Offered

9th Grade

  • English 1-2

  • English 1-2 Honors

  • English 1-2 I

  • English Lab (accompanies English 1-2 enrollment)

  • Literacy Strategies

10th Grade

  • English 3-4
  • English 3-4 Honors
  • English 3-4

11th Grade

  • English 5-6
  • English 5-6 Honors (dual college credit)
  • American Studies/English (dual college credit)
  • English 5-6

Junior students, who have time in their schedule and a cumulative 3.0 GPA, may take one of the following in addition to English 5-6. Creative Writing, Literary Themes, Film as Literature, Appreciation of Theatre.

12th Grade

  • Practical English
  • Literature of Action
  • Literary Explorations
  • English 7-8 Senior Elective Options
  • Film as Literature
  • Literary Themes
  • Appreciation of Theater (dual college credit)
  • Creative Writing
  • Advanced Writing
  • English 8 AP (dual college credit)
  • AP Writing Skills Honors (dual college credit)
  • Public Speaking (dual college credit)
  • African-American Literature (dual college credit)

AP / Dual Credit Courses

Southwestern Illinois College - Wikipedia

Advanced Placement

  • AP Writing Skills Honors
  • AP English 8 Honors

St. Louis University

  • English 5-6 Honors

  • AP Writing Skills Honors
  • AP English 8 Honors
  • American Studies Honors

Southwestern Illinois College

  • African-American Literature

  • Appreciation of Theatre
  • Public Speaking

Honors Credit

  • English 1-2 Honors
  • English 3-4 Honors
  • English 5-6 Honors
  • AP Writing Skills Honors
  • AP English 8 Honors
  • American Studies

Phasing of Senior English Elective Courses

Phase I

Courses are designed to support students who may face challenges in reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking, while focusing on developing fundamental skills.

Phase II

Courses are designed to support students who may not face significant challenges with basic skills but would benefit from improving and refining them at a more comfortable pace.


Phase III

Courses are particularly for those who have an average command of the basic language skills and would like to advance beyond these basic skills but do so at a moderate rather than at an accelerated pace.

Phase IV

Courses are for students who learn fairly rapidly and have good command of language and other cognitive skills.

Phase V

Courses offer a challenge to students who have an excellent command of language and other cognitive skills, and who are seeking stimulating academic experiences.

We strongly suggest that students consider their needs as well as their interests, that they choose courses with appropriate phase numbers, and that they balance their program instead of taking courses all of one type. In making choices, students should take into consideration their college or vocational plans.

Note: Many universities have changed their entrance requirements; therefore, college-bound students should be extremely careful in selecting their English classes. With the help of the counselors, students should determine the number and types of English classes required by the universities they are considering. High-phase, supplemental courses at the senior year should be considered in accordance with individual abilities and personal interests. Most four-year colleges expect incoming freshmen students to have taken a balance of writing and literature courses during their four years of high school.

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