Belleville East

Driver’s Education, Health, & Physical Education Department




Driver’s Education, Health & Physical Education Department Chair

Brian Geluck

Phone: (618) 222-3778

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Courses Offered

  • Health

  • Driver’s Education
  • Freshmen Physical Education
  • Athletic Physical Education
  • Co-Ed Individual Sports
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Personal Fitness
  • Introduction to Officiating

Physical Education Requirements and Procedures

Locker’s and Uniforms

  • All students are required to wear a physical education uniform. These uniforms are being sold at the East bookstore at a fee of $14.00 (this includes both t-shirt and shorts).
  • All students will be assigned their own individual locker in the Physical Education locker rooms. Students may leave their Physical Education uniform in these lockers for the semester they are enrolled in the class. All students are responsible for having their own lock for this locker as the school is NOT responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • Due to cooler weather in outdoor activities the uniform will consist of navy/gray/black sweatpants and a gray/navy sweatshirt. Students must come to class with their PE shorts and t-shirt on. Once it is time to go outside for the activity they may put on outdoor clothing.
  • Footwear will be limited to tennis shoes or workout shoes that provide the proper support for the foot and have soles which promote traction, and do not make marks on the gym floor. * Any jewelry or body piercing which could cause injury to the student or other students in the activity will be prohibited. All ornamental jewelry inside the mouth lip, eye, nose, etc. must be covered or removed. 

Personal Hygiene

  • Fingernails need to be cut to a safe length for all activities

Enrollment Exclusions

  • Students enrolled in a cooperative work program, marching band or in two performing musical groups will not be required to enroll in physical education.

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