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Social Studies Department




Social Studies Department Chair

Mrs. Katie Hoerner

Phone: 618-222-3700

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Courses Offered

9th Grade

  • AP Human Geography (Honors)
  • World Geography (College Prep)
  • World History (Honors)
  • World History (College Prep)
  • World History (Core)

10th Grade

  • Civics (Honors)
  • Civics (College Prep)
  • Civics (Core)

*Each 10th grade course fulfills two requirements for graduation. First semester fulfills the consumerism requirement and second semester fulfills the government requirement. Students are required to pass tests on the flag, Declaration of Independence, Illinois Constitution and United States Constitution in order to receive graduation credit during the second semester.

11th Grade

  • American Studies (Honors credit for History and English)
  • U.S. History (Honors)
  • U.S. History (College Prep)
  • U.S. History (Core)
  • Psychology (AP)
  • Psychology (College Prep)*
  • Sociology (College Prep)*
  • Global Issues (Honors)*

*American Studies and all levels of U.S. History fulfill the graduation requirement for U.S. History.

12th Grade

  • American Government (College Prep)*
  • American Problems (College Prep)*
  • Psychology (AP)
  • Psychology (College Prep)*
  • Sociology (College Prep)*
  • Sociology (Honors)*
  • Global Issues (Honors)*

*Semester course. Fulfills graduation requirement for government. Students are required to pass tests on the flag, Declaration of Independence, Illinois Constitution and United States Constitution in order to receive graduation credit. Fulfills graduation requirement for consumerism.

AP / Dual Credit Courses

Advanced Placement

  • AP Human Geography
  • AP Psychology

St. Louis University

  • American Studies –U.S. History
  • Honors Global Issues Honors

Honors Credit

  • AP Human Geography
  • World History (Honors)
  • Civics (Honors)
  • American Studies (Honors credit for History and English)
  • U.S. History (Honors)
  • AP Psychology
  • Global Issues (Honors)
  • Sociology (Honors)

Department Clubs and Activities


Action Civics is a non-partisan group started by students in 2017 to provide opportunities to become more civically active on campus and in our communities. This group manages the Belleville East Food Pantry and gets involved in numerous activities on campus when needed, emphasizing student voice. Students discuss and address problems and invite stakeholders to speak to the group and brainstorm ideas for taking informed action at Belleville East. We meet twice a month on Tuesdays in F200.


History Club meets twice a month to discuss historical events, host debates, play historical games, and generally celebrate history. As a club, we are committed to uplifting diverse history and we host several events around the school each year. All students and grade levels are invited to join history club! Meetings are held on Wednesdays after school.


In Model U.N., students pretend they are delegates from various countries serving on U.N. committees. Participants research issues and formulate negotiating positions based on the real interests of the countries they represent. Depending on the committee they are assigned to, delegates might develop global environmental policies or advise the U.N. Security Council.


This club is open to all students interested in discussing and learning more about the American political system. In this group, students meet with elected officials, get involved in political campaigns, and discuss current issues.


YR meets to discuss political events at the local, state, and national level. Come join us to see what the Young Republicans are all about.


Rho Kappa is the social studies honors society on campus for qualifying juniors. Membership is a short application process for students who meet specific criteria such as GPA, social studies GPA, and semesters of social studies completed. Rho Kappa members have an induction ceremony in the early fall and activities to promote civic involvement throughout the year including fundraising. Members also complete 10 hours of community service either on campus or within their towns. Rho Kappa members who complete the requirements will wear cords at graduation.

Student Recognition

Student-of-the-Grade-Period Program

The overall objective of the Student-of-the-Grade-Period Program is to recognize numerous students in each grade period.   The criteria for student recognition is established by the individual teacher. However, the general criteria for selection is as follows:

  • Academic improvement throughout the grade period.
  • Consistent effort throughout the grade period.
  • Appropriate behavior in the teacher’s classroom.

Each student-of-the-grade-period will be recognized by having their picture taken and having it displayed in the H-Node hallway.  Students will also receive a personalized certificate for their achievement.

Departmental Honors

The second way students are recognized in the Social Studies Department is through Departmental Honors.

Annually, five seniors are selected by the department for recognition in Belleville East’s Honors Ceremony.  One of the five students will be selected as the Most Outstanding Social Studies Student.  To be recognized, students must have:

  • Been enrolled in a minimum of six semesters of social studies.
  • A 3.5 grade point average in social studies courses.
  • A 3.5 cumulative grade point average.
  • Demonstrated citizenship and leadership in his/her social studies classes.
  • Demonstrated citizenship around school and in the community at large.

Previous Most Outstanding Social Studies Student Award Winners:

1968-Jenny Burke

1969-Linda Chamness

1970-James Balough

1971-Chris Dodge

1972-Marcia Steward

1973-Kay Biebel

1974-William Sugg

1975-Bill Gatlin

1976-Bob Cohlmeyer

1977-Brian Lindsay

1978-Robin Landes

1979-Susan Williams

1980-Thomas Manley

1981-Elissa Lockwood

1982-Jeffrey Kopis

1983-Glenn Austine

1984-Angela Mueth

1985-Lisa A. Jones

1986-Thomas Speedie

1987-Chris Harris

1988-Devon Jones

1989-James Boyer

1990-Christine James

1991-Stacy Raab

1992-Mercedes Perez

1993-Mike Hug

1994-Sabrina Kozuszek

1995-David Butz II

1996-Kyla Coates

1997-Natalie Bennett

1998-Duane Phillips

1999-Drew Awsumb

2000-Kathleen Wilson

2001-Breanna Murphy

2002-Louis Oliver

2003-Serena James

2004-Chris Pugh

2005-Chad Watkins

2006-Ashley Freeman

2007-Rebecca Schmitt

2008-John Paul Jones II

2009-Alexander Hinz

2010-Adam Tiemann

2011-Maria Effinger

2012-Mitch Kuldell

2013-Jacqueline Yokoyama

2014-Ryley Blomberg

2015-Laura Kern

2016-Madison Bradshaw

2017-Ivy Truong

2018-Jonathan Hoerner

2019-Ally Dyer

2020-Diana Hoerner

2021-Claire Kolker

2022-Conrad Dahm

2023-Ines Santos

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