Belleville East

Individualized Education


Individualized Education Department Chair

Mrs. Kimberly Martin

Phone: 618-222-3757

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Courses Offered

Individualized Education

  • English 1-2 (8000)
  • Introduce Algebra 1-2 Core (8002)
  • Principles of Science 1-2 (8003)
  • Civics: Consumer Education/Government 3-4 (8004)
  • Geography 1-2 (8007)
  • Learning Strategies (8008)
  • English 3-4 (8110)
  • Intro Algebra 3-4 Core (8112)
  • Principles of Science 3-4 (8114)
  • Health (8117, 8118)
  • English 5-6 (8220)
  • US History 5-6 (8222)
  • Practical Geometry 5-6 Core (8223)
  • English 7-8 (8330)
  • Work Skills Education 7-8 (8332)
  • Cooperative Work Experience 7-8 (8334)

Life Skills Program

  • English (8540)
  • Math (8545)
  • Community Living Skills (8502)
  • Physical Education (8516)
  • Pre-Vocational Training 1 (8504)

Adult Living Program

  • Reading Skills (8456)
  • Math (8460)
  • Geography (8452)
  • Health (8417/8418)
  • Human Relations and Communication (8474)
  • Civics/Government (8470)
  • US History (8471)
  • Learning Strategies (8426 /8428)
  • Community Living Skills (8476)
  • Work Skills Education (8432)
  • Cooperative Work Experience (8434)

TARGET Program

Resource Program (IEP Required)

The Resource Program is a program designed to assist students who can manage their own behavioral and emotional needs with minimal assistance. Students in the Resource Program can request to come in if they are having issues with peers or teachers, or just having a bad day in general. Behavioral or emotional coaching will take place to assist the student in attending classes for the remainder of the day. Students in the Resource Program can also be sent in any time a student is disruptive, disrespectful, continuously off task (i.e., sleeping in class), or if the student appears to need emotional support. The student will stay in the Resource Program classroom for the remainder of the hour. During that period, the student will meet with a Resource Program teacher or assistant to discuss the situation and develop a plan to improve his or her day. Student conferences will also take place where the teacher and student assess all facets of the students’ progress in school. Staff members will assist students in earning credit towards a high school diploma

Self-Contained Program (IEP Required)

The Self-Contained Program is designed to assist students that need constant behavioral and emotional support. Students are offered support through trained teachers, a behavioral interventionist, and a social worker when needed. Students will attend all classes in this program. They will also begin the program by eating lunch in the classroom. Classroom expectation points are taken each hour and based on six different categories. After six weeks, which is the proven time it takes to change a behavior, the student and the Behavior Interventionist will conference to determine whether or not the student has earned the certain incentive agreed upon by both. In order to earn the incentive, the student must average an 80% or higher in all six categories and in ALL classes. Students will document their own behavioral points and keep track of their successes. Our ultimate goal in this program is to help assist students be successful in the high school setting, earn credit towards a high school diploma, and become positive members of our community.

Team Phoenix

(IEP Required)

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