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Freshmen Library Orientation

Independent Reading Library Visit

Freshman English teachers will show the 5 minute video First Library Visit to students prior to their scheduled Independent Reading library visit. The librarians suggest teachers assigned to come down the first part of the hour show the students the video the school day before they visit the library.

An example: your visit is Monday, show the video on Friday.

Teachers assigned to the second half of the hour may want to show the video prior to coming down that day instead of the day before.

    Freshman Library Orientation (FLO) in September

    Freshman classes will attend a two-day library orientation during September.

    Please remind students to bring their headphones, their Chromebook, and cellphone, if they have one, and to meet in the library for FLO Day 1.

      FLO Day 1

      Tour of the Library: Freshmen will be introduced to the BW Library staff and explore the library either using an interactive map tour or a self-guided video walking tour. Students will answer questions about the library during the tour using a worksheet.

      Virtual Tour of Library Students may take an interactive map tour to learn how the physical library is laid out and the library policies.

        FLO Day 2

        Library Quest: Freshmen students, working in groups of two, will be assigned a topic to research. Students will become familiar with the physical and virtual library’s resources (Destiny library catalog, library website, research databases, nonfiction collection) as they complete the library quest in Google Forms

        Day Two Make Up Assignment: If you were absent for Day Two, CLICK HERE for the make-up assignment.