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Todd Baltz

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Courses Offered

  • Health

  • Freshman Physical Education
  • Team Sports

  • Individual Sports

  • Athletic Physical Education

  • Personal Fitness

  • Driver’s Education

Physical Education Courses

Physical Education is an elective course offered to Sophomore, Junior and Senior students that have completed Freshmen Physical Education.  In Elective Physical Education the student can chose either Team Sports or Individual Sports by semester.  The following are detailed descriptions of these content areas.

Team Sports

Team Sports is a co-educational class designed to introduce students to skills, strategies and basic rules of team sports.  This course will expose the student to skills involved in basketball, volleyball, soccer and flag football.  This class will allow students to gain an appreciation for lifelong activities in sport.

Individual Sports

Individual Sports is a co-educational class designed to introduce students to skills, strategies and basic rules of individual sports.  This course will expose the student to skills involved in racket sports,  washers and basic fitness activities which will allow students to gain appreciation for lifelong activities in recreational sports. 

Personal Fitness

This course is designed students who want to incorporate more life-long fitness to their everyday life. The goals of the class will be to give students the knowledge to take control of their fitness while not in a traditional Physical Education setting. Students will be assessed early in the semester of their general fitness levels and throughout the semester will set attainable goals for improving those levels. The class will engage in classroom and lab/fitness sessions.

Athletic Physical Education

The Athletic Physical Education program here at Belleville West is a class developed by our experienced strength and fitness specialist’s that allow our athletes to strength and fitness train during the school day in their regular Physical Education setting. The Athletic PE Staff trains on average over 400 student athletes in both anaerobic and aerobic conditioning daily. This class was specifically designed to enhance individuals by making them stronger, faster, more explosive, more athletic and reduce injury. This is a very advanced class where we have seen phenomenal gains and improvement not only to the strength of all our athletes but to their overall improved athleticism, as well as, a reduction of injury in all sports. Our Athletic PE Staff is training our athletes like major colleges and universities, which defines us as one of the front runners of physical education at the high school level.


Introduction to Officiating is a semester course designed to provide the student with the basic knowledge and expertise necessary to officiate in physical education classes, intramural’s, and interscholastic contents. It will include the basic fundamental skills on officiating as well as the rules and mechanics of basketball, football, baseball/softball and volleyball. The class will engage students in both classroom and hands on work on the various athletic playing surfaces. 

Freshmen Physical Education

Development of our students to enhance their personal health and fitness level is the priority of the Freshmen Physical Education curriculum. The Freshmen Physical Education Staff promotes that all students perform at their best and strive for personal improvement throughout the semester.  Freshmen students are only evaluated on their personal performance and effort. All students in this course will train on a daily basis in one or more of the following areas; cardiovascular, acceleration, speed, agility, plyometric, flexibility, strength and endurance training. As a benefit to our students all these components have been identified by fitness professionals to be correlated with good health and life long fitness gains. An important element of this course will be the achievement received on personal goals established and accomplished throughout the semester. Our goal is to improve and maintain the health and fitness level of our students, and to give them a foundation for lifelong fitness.

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