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Scholarship in the Spotlight

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Please contact Mr. Solomon in the school counseling office if you have any
questions regarding scholarships: 618-222-7671,

Click HERE for a list of online scholarship search options.

How to find Scholarships

  1. Scholarships through the college or university you attend
  2. Inside Scholarship Sources (school, place of employment, local churches/organizations)
  3. Outside Scholarship Sources (various FREE scholarship search engines)

Scholarships Through the College/University You Attend

This is HUGE! Be sure you check out ALL scholarships available through the colleges or universities you are considering/planning to you attend.


  1. Automatic Scholarship – Based on your admissions application/transcript, you may be automatically considered and awarded some scholarships (often based off of your GPA and Test Scores)
  2. Application Based Scholarships – Scour the school websites for a tab called “Financial Aid” or “Scholarships” to dig into the application based scholarships. Apply to all that you qualify for – Yes, this may mean you have to write an essay! You CAN DO IT!!!

You may not know exactly which school you are going yet, but you hopefully you have it narrowed down to the handful of schools in which you are applying — Make sure you also apply for scholarships at each of those schools!

Colleges/universities offer top dollar scholarships, and most often they are RENEWABLE for 4 years!

Inside Scholarship Sources

Consider checking with your place of employment and/or your parent/guardian place of employment for any available scholarships they may have.

If you belong to a church or other community organization, inquire if they have available scholarships.

Be sure to check Scholarships in the Spotlight every Thursday for weekly updates from Mr. Solomon. He will post about any scholarship opportunities he becomes aware of.

Employer Tuition
Reimbursement Plans

If you work while you’re in college, your employer may offer an employer tuition reimbursement plan. These types of plans allow your employer to pay for part of, or all of your tuition. Such plans are available at certain companies, and each company’s policies are different. Contact potential employers whom you’d like to work for during college to learn about their unique plans.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Students applying for college for Fall enrollment can submit the FAFSA starting October 1st, during the school year prior.

Apply as soon after October 1st as possible; awards are given until funds are depleted.

To receive a diploma from a public high school in Illinois a student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®).  Alternatively, a parent/guardian must file a waiver if they choose to opt their child out of this graduation requirement by completing this Nonparticipation form.

    What is the FAFSA?

    Scholarships are Everywhere!

    Use these search engines to find more information on a larger scope.

    Remember – Do NOT pay for scholarship opportunities. Applying for scholarships is FREE!

    Scholarship Video, by Mr. Solomon