Belleville West Counseling Department

Incoming Freshman

Incoming 9th Grade Students & Families:

We are so excited to welcome you to Belleville West High School.

Please visit the various resources below to learn more about course registration, the AVID elective class, and exciting opportunities available for the upcoming year!

Are you AVID material?

Freshmen at Belleville East and Belleville West have the exciting opportunity to apply to be part of the AVID Elective class.

    What is AVID?

    AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is an internationally recognized program designed to prepare students for success in colleges and universities. AVID students enroll in college preparatory classes and in an AVID elective class. The AVID curriculum focuses on developing the study skills and academic skills necessary for success in high school and beyond. The AVID program offers college preparatory activities, skill development, career building, personal mentoring, and group tutoring.

    Who should apply to be part of AVID?

    Students who enroll show potential to not only enroll and succeed in rigorous courses, but to be on track to attend any college. AVID is not a remedial course. Students in the AVID Elective enroll in rigorous courses and receive the support needed to succeed in those courses. AVID students have potential and could benefit from the skills that will be taught and the peer community in the AVID class. It targets students in the academic middle with the desire to go to college and the willingness to work hard. Typically, they will be the first in their families to attend college, and come from groups traditionally underrepresented in higher education. These are students who are capable of completing rigorous curriculum but are falling short of their potential.

    How do I apply?

    Spaces are limited. Complete the online application by April 1st. Selected students will be contacted by May 1st.

    For more information, visit or contact Melissa Taylor at 618.222.8273 or

    Music Students

    Check out the Music Website for more information –

    Non-Audition Music Courses

    The music courses listed on the Course Sheet, (Marching Band, 1/2 hour Instrumental Music, and 1/2 hour Choir (Girls – Chorus, Boys – Bass Choir) are available without an audition. If you want those classes, simply select it on the Course Sheet.

    Upper Level Music Courses

    Placement Audition Required

    Upper Level music courses require a Placement Audition. If you wish to schedule an appointment, please contact Mr. Pond-Jones for an instrumental audition or Mrs. Moeller for a vocal audition.

    Placement Auditions

    For Upper Level Music Courses, Contact the appropriate point of contact to schedule an appointment

    Mr. Pond-Jones

    Upper Level: Jazz Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Jazz Band

    Mrs. Moeller

    Upper Level: Treble Choir, Bass Choir, Bellevillettes, Vocal Jazz, and Maroon Majic

    Registration Process

    The process for registering for high school follows:

    1.) Mark Your Calendars! Orientation for parents and students will be held to discuss general high school information and answer questions you may have. Come to Belleville West Performing Arts Center on Wednesday, January 17th, presentations starting at 6 pm and 7:15. Please attend ONE of the following sessions.

    In an effort to keep the two groups relatively EVEN, we request that Emge, Signal Hill, High Mount, Millstadt and Parochial students attend Option A; and students attending District 118 (West Jr. High and Central Jr. High) attend Option B.

    Option A

    Emge, Signal Hill, High Mount, Millstadt & Parochial

    6 p.m. Informational Meeting Will begin promptly at 6:00 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center

    6:45 – 7:30 p.m. Building Open House Course Information & open classrooms throughout campus

    Option B

    West Jr. High, Central Jr. High & others that cannot make the 6PM option

    7:15 p.m. Informational Meeting Will begin promptly at 7:15 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center

    8 – 8:45 p.m. Building Open House Course Information & open classrooms throughout campus

    2.) Following the orientation, high school counselors will visit each public junior high school. At this time each prospective freshman will select high school courses with the high school counselors. It is imperative that parents discuss and select the elective choice with their teen before the registration meeting.

    Freshmen graduating from private junior high schools will register in Room A111 immediately following the 6 pm presentation. Please have standardized test scores available to help with course placement.

    Junior High Visit Schedule

    Counselors will visit each public Junior High School following Orientation.  During our visit, we will determine courses.

    Parochial Schools – Counselors will need to meet with you on the evening of Orientation.  

    3.) A computerized list of your son/daughter’s course placement and elective choices will be mailed home in early April. Parents/Guardians will have the opportunity to revise the course selections (space dependent) by calling the assigned counselor no later than May 1st. At that time, the final course selections will become the student’s freshman schedule. Absolutely no changes will be made after June 1.

    4.) A physical exam is REQUIRED for freshmen before the first day of school. A form will be mailed in the April mailing. The completed physical form MUST be returned to the school nurse prior to the first day of school in August.

    5.)  Appointments will be scheduled for mid-July to receive enrollment information as well as verify residency in the BTHS West District. Schedules, fee statements, books, and lockers will be given at that time.