Belleville West

Little Theatre

Little Theatre

Advisor: Mr. John Lodle

Belleville West Little Theatre stages five productions each school year – a night of one acts (just for freshmen and sophomores), the fall play, the children’s play, the contest play, and the musical. Little Theatre sponsors monthly informational meetings, social events, workshops for actors and technicians, and a spring honors reception.

Little Theatre
Yearly Plays

Freshman-Sophomore One Acts

Directors:  Mr. Adam Jenkins & Dr. Brandon Hentze

The one act plays are the introductory performances in the Little Theatre program.  These shows are open to any freshmen or sophomores interested in experiencing theatre – either onstage or backstage. Traditionally, three plays are cast each year.  Students interested in auditioning or in working on tech crews should watch the bulletin for more information.

Fall Play

Directors:  Mr. John Lodle & Mr. Jamie Klein

West presents three evening performances and two matinee shows (for local junior high students) of the fall play. Students in all grade levels may audition, and a large student tech crew builds the set, organizes costumes, and props, and runs lights and sound. Recent shows have included both classic dramas and modern comedies.

Children’s Play

Directors:  Mr. Nick Johnson & Dr. Brandon Hentze

The children’s show is a musical production that is performed for local grade school students. Students who are interested can auditon for singing and non-singing roles or can choose to work backstage on the technical crews. Auditions for the show are in November, and rehearsals are December through February.

Contest Play

Director:  Mr. John Lodle

The contest play, held each March, offers theatre students a unique opportunity: the 40-minute show travels and competes against other schools. Students in all grade levels may audition (usually in December), and a large student tech crew builds the traveling set. Rehearsals are held in January through March.


Director:  Mr. Nick Johnson

The theatre season concludes with the musical, held the first weekend of May. Students in all grade levels may audition for the large cast of singers and dancers. Students may also join the technical crew (to build sets, run lights and sound, organize costumes) or play in the pit orchestra.