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If you are looking for a school district that supports personal and professional growth – and that is going to give you the resources to provide you with all the things that you need to be the best teacher that you can be, while also pushing you to grow – Look no further – BTHS DISTRICT 201 welcomes you to join our team.

2024-25 School Year

We are looking for passionate, creative leaders who are looking to take the next step in their education career.  If you are an individual who wants more – we want you. Check out our open positions and apply today.

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District paid TRS Retirement

Leading Salary in the Area

Supportive BOE, Faculty, Staff, & Community

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Principal Job Description

Reports to

certification in the State of Illinois


  1. Be the educational leader and chief administrator of the school
  2. Have a working knowledge of the district philosophy, of accepted educational theory, and of relevant educational research
  3. Be responsible for the supervision of all personnel, curriculum, programs, and activities
  4. Be aware of and sensitive to student, staff, and community needs and values
  5. Function as an effective member of the district administrative team
  6. Communicate relevant district policies to the staff and students, implement district policies relevant to the school, and have input into policy revisions
  7. Interview and recommend prospective staff members
  8. Possess and communicate a clear vision of the school mission for students
  9. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the curriculum and the instructional program
  10. Spend a majority of at-school time on instructional leadership
  11. Model high standards of attendance and industry
  12. Supervise the teaching process and monitor student progress
  13. Promote a positive school climate and interpersonal relationships among students, community, and staff members
  14. Act as a student advocate to advance the understanding of high school student behavior
  15. Demonstrate planning and organizational skills
  16. Communicate effectively with students, parents, staff members, and the community
  17. Demonstrate willingness to and skill in making decisions
  18. Promote high but obtainable expectations for programs, students, and staff
  19. Promote a productive working environment, professional improvement,
    and staff development
  20. Promote consensus among the school publics as to goals, policies, and actions
  21. Protect and promote time-on-task for and in the classroom
  22. See that staff members are effectively scheduled to classes, assignments, and special responsibilities
  23. Provide for the registration and placement of students into classes and for the reporting of student progress
  24. Organize and supervise the calendar of events for the school, including all co-curricular activities
  25. Establish procedures for an effective disciplinary program for the school in accordance with the law and the policies of the district
  26. Work with the central office in regard to the financial policies and procedures of the district
  27. Organize and manage effectively the general operations of the school {e.g. record keeping, inventories, custodial services, etc.) and exercise fiscal accountability in the implementation and the expenditure of the school budget(s).
  28. Contribute to the educational profession and continue personal professional growth
  29. Ensure compliance with the laws of Illinois and the policies, rules, and regulations of the Illinois High School Association and the North Central Association
  30. Prepare such records and reports as the superintendent’s office may request
  31. Assist the superintendent in other activities as may be assigned

Assistant Principal Job Description

Job Summary

Serves as an assistant to the principal to manage the daily operations of the high school campus.  The assistant principal supports the principal in setting the overall direction, coordination and evaluation of the staff and carries out the supervisory responsibilities in accordance with District 201 policy and state law.



Minimum Qualifications

Illinois PEL, Type 75 Administrative Certification


  • Have a working knowledge of the district’s policy and procedures;
  • Be aware of and sensitive to student, staff, and community needs and values;
  • Communicate effectively with students, parents, staff and community members at all times;
  • Act as a student advocate to advance the understanding of high school student behavior;
  • Function as an effective member of the district administrative team;
  • Coordinate and direct the implementation of state and federal laws as well as district policies related to student attendance, discipline, health and safety;
  • Maintain appropriate records;
  • Model and support a healthy school climate to maximize student achievement and staff productivity;
  • Assist in the selection of staff members when directed by the principal;
  • Demonstrate planning and organizational skills;
  • Plan, direct, and/or supervise activities including, but not limited to:
    • Co-curricular
    • Community, area, state and/or national meetings
    • Transportation
    • Scheduling
    • Summer School
    • Buildings and grounds
    • Written correspondence
  • Exhibit high standard of attendance and administrative decorum;
  • Collaboration with administrative team regarding disciplinary procedures and findings;
  • Promote consensus among the faculty and staff in regard to district policies and initiatives;
  • Assist the principal in specific duties and responsibilities as assigned.