#201 Summer School Announcement

Hello Students, Parents and Guardians,

We know many of you have been patiently awaiting information on our 2020 Summer School Program.  Please read this email thoroughly for details about Summer School, including cost, course offerings and how to register.

We will be hosting a Summer School program through eLearning. Students who choose to participate will need a computer/electronic device and internet access.

  • Summer School eLearning begins June 8th
  • Summer School eLearning ends July 10th

The course offerings will be limited based on your son/daughter’s grade level and need for credit recovery.

  • Courses for incoming 9th graders – $100 per class, limited to PE and/or Health. Courses taught through Google Classroom.
  • Courses for current students who are NOT behind in credits – $100 per class, may take up to two courses, choices are PE, Health, and Senior English (please see note below regarding Driver’s Ed). Courses taught through Google Classroom.
  • Courses for current students who are in need of credit recovery – $25 per class, may take up to 4 courses, may ONLY take courses that they have previously failed. Courses taught through the Edgenuity program.

Follow this link (https://forms.gle/yGyMRuUqYCUyUaZK7) to complete the online registration.  The online registration process will be open May 8th through May 22nd.  After the close of registration on May 22nd, your summer school fees will be posted in the Tyler Student Information System Parent Portal.  Parents will then need to utilize the Parent Portal to pay fees. The payment deadline is June 12th.

Driver’s Ed — We will be offering the classroom portion of Driver Education through eLearning.  Students will be given priority in birthday order, and they must be eligible by passing at least 8 semester classes in the two previous semesters.  Eligible students will receive a separate email with a separate registration form for that class.

If you are unsure which course(s) to select, please contact the appropriate person listed below:

Alternative Day School or Night School: 
Andrea Gannon, agannon@bths201.org

East School Counselors:

Michelle Seneczyn, A-Co

Dr. Jennifer Stenger, Cr-Ha

Andrea Barriger, He-Ma

Brittany Cox, Mc-Ri

Tonya Sears, Ro-Sm

Merle Wilder, Sn-Z


West School Counselors:

Jen McMurray, A-D

Tedros Solomon, E-J

Julia Daniels, K-P

Ashley Cryder, Q-S

Danielle Koeneman, T-Z