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September 9, 2020

District #201 Parents and Students,

Thank you for your support! The environment we are currently operating under is ever-changing. Our faculty and staff appreciates your engagement and patience as we try our very best to serve our students. A great deal of thought and concern went into the development of our plan for this fall. The St. Clair County Health Department issued a strong recommendation to begin the school year remotely, that our district followed. While not perfect, I am extremely proud of the efforts made by our faculty and staff, parents, and students. We realize that not coming to school and interacting is difficult for everyone.

Our district, in cooperation with the St. Clair County Health Department and the Regional Office of Education, will begin transitioning to in-person instruction beginning on Thursday, September 17th. Our transition will take place over the course of five weeks. It will begin on the 17th and 18th when we welcome freshman on campus in an A/B format. The following week will be two similar days for all students in an A/B format. The following two weeks will include additional days for students in the A/B format.  At the end of a five week period, we will fully implement our original 2020-2021 Fall Plan. Please understand, we will continue to offer a fully remote option for those that elected to do so. A detailed explanation of the transition can be found in the 2020-2021 Fall Plan/Transition Plan document.

You are also receiving a “Transition Toolkit.” This document includes additional plan clarification and visuals illustrating many facets of the plan. At the back of that document you will also find a detailed calendar for the remainder of the semester.

Please understand, our school district is committed to best serving our students in an environment that is safe for students and staff. We feel that this transition allows us to do that, and provides us with the highest probability for success. We are confident in our plan for its emphasis of: social distancing, the wearing of masks, clean hands, and increased cleaning and sanitizing. We look forward to welcoming those students that are ready to return, while still offering a full remote option for those that are not.

We hope that the implementation of our transition plan will provide our families with an opportunity for in-person learning in the safest possible environment.


Dr. Brian Mentzer

Download Parent Letter – PDF

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Download Fall Plan/Transition – PDF

(Download Fall Plan/Transition – RTF)

Download Transition Toolkit – PDF

(Download Transition Toolkit- RTF)