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For Immediate Release:

Dr. Marshaun Warren
Director of Human Resources and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Phone: (618)222-8242

Racial Equity Committee

Belleville, Illinois—September 1, 2020. Belleville Township High School District 201 has organized the Racial Equity Committee (R.E.C.) to examine institutional structures that have the potential to stop our Black, Indigenous, and students of color from thriving. The committee is composed of staff from Belleville East, Belleville West and BTHS Alternative School. Together with our community, we have the opportunity to ensure District 201 schools are equitable for all.

R.E.C. Mission Statement

A District 201 education has the power to transform our community. We acknowledge racism exists in our community, and it adversely affects our school system. Whether the racism is explicit, implicit, or systemic, the harm that it causes our stakeholders (students, parents, staff, and families) prevents them from feeling safe and nurtured, and at times, it prevents them from thriving. The Racial Equity Committee (REC) asserts that while everyone has worth, not everyone has opportunity; therefore, we intend to confront and eliminate racism in our schools. True equity benefits all parties, and through this work, our schools will affirm and respect the historical and ongoing contributions of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) while abolishing systems of privilege.

The committee has established the following action steps based on its mission:

  • utilize restorative practices;
  • require staff training;
  • engage our community;
  • strengthen mentorship programs;
  • implement equity audits;
  • amplify existing multicultural student groups;
  • create platforms for student voice.

Belleville Township High School District #201 is among the finest districts in our area. Each student deserves every opportunity we can provide. To ensure this, we will begin and sustain the process of addressing systemic racism within our institution.

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