PRESS RELEASE: Lead Testing on Campuses


Environmental Consultants completed lead content testing of all water dispensing outlets on the Belleville District 201 campuses in late August and early September.  In all, over 1,900 water samples were tested which included all outlets inside and outside of the buildings, concession areas, and food preparation areas. 

The results of the testing were very favorable.  All of the outlets where water is consumed, including drinking fountains, met all regulatory limits.  There were three outlets that were identified with slightly elevated levels.  All three areas were in non-public, infrequently used areas of campus.  The outlets were immediately taken out of service and remediated.

1.      Hand washing station at Belleville East, not used for water consumption and infrequently used for hand washing.  Sink and faucet capped and permanently removed from service.

2.      Sink in baseball concession area at Belleville East, not used for water consumption and not used at all since spring of 2016. Faucet replaced, lines flushed, and retested to confirm levels were within acceptable limits. 

3.      Sink at Bridges House used only for washing hands and dishes and not water consumption. Faucet replaced, lines flushed, and retested levels were within acceptable limits.    

The district took immediate action to remediate these three isolated situations.  We are pleased that all areas used for consumption of water fell within the normal regulatory range.  Additionally, the district is implementing a preventative maintenance plan to monitor these issues. 

As always, Belleville Township High School District #201 takes these issues very seriously, and places great value on the health and safety of our students.  If you would like to view the reports or have questions about the testing process, please contact the District Office, (618) 222-8241.

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