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This course includes the study of civilization from the beginning of recorded time to the present.  During first semester, the development of early civilizations to 1500 A.D. is examined.  The political, religious, economic, geographic, and cultural aspects of different world civilizations are emphasized including those in China, Europe, Africa, India, and Japan.  Second semester traces the rise of modern civilizations since the 16th Century.  Topics include technological advancement, nationalism, revolutions, and war.  Art, literature, philosophy, and music of the time periods are included throughout the course.(College Prep)


This course will cover the same topics as World History but in greater depth and is reading and writing intensive.  Primary source document analysis, essays, various research based projects, and one major biographical paper are major components of this course.  This course is available for students who are above average in writing and deductive reasoning skills.  Enrollment in Honors English is encouraged. (Honors)


This course will cover the same topics as World History.  This class allows those students to refine their reading, writing, and study skills within the standard curriculum according to their levels of performance.  Placement for this course is based on test scores and feeder school recommendation.  (General)  (Core)




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