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World History (General) is a year long course designed for freshman students who are interested in studying civilization from the beginning of recorded time to the present.  During first semester, the development of early civilizations to 1500 A.D. is examined.  The political, religious, economic, geographic, and cultural aspects of different world civilizations are emphasized including those in China, Europe, Africa, India and Japan.  Second semester traces the rise of modern civilizations since the 16th Century.  Topics include technological advancement, nationalism, revolutions, and war.  Art, literature, philosophy, and music of the time periods are included throughout the course.


World History (Honors) offers the same topics as World History (General) but in greater depth.  Primary source document analysis, essays and one term paper are major components of this course.  Prerequisite:  Students must have scored above the 270 mark on the 7th grade ISAT Test and have their 8th grade teacher's recommendation.  Enrollment in English (Honors) is encouraged.   


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