Automated Calling System

School Messenger is Belleville District 201’s automatic notification system that delivers voice messages to student/parent telephones. Parents will receive these notifications – if the district has the accurate household contact information.

Parents can receive two types of information from School Messenger:

1) Emergency

  • Caller ID will display a 411 if the message is for an emergency.
  • Emergency or crisis messages will be delivered to all phone numbers identified in the student system, including all parent cell and work phone numbers (up to five phone numbers).
  • Types of calls include the following: school cancellations for inclement weather the day of school closings and crisis notifications for district/school emergencies.

2) Informational

  • Caller ID will display the schools main number.
  • Informational messages will be delivered to the one phone number designated as a household number.
  • Types of calls include: school cancellations for inclement weather the evening before a school closing and general, school-specific announcements.

The successful delivery of information is dependent upon two things:

1) Accurate contact information for each student:

  • Check your family’s phone numbers and email addresses on the Tyler SIS Parent Portal. If you or your child do not have a Tyler SIS account, find out how you can get one by calling your Assistant Principal’s office.
  • Look for the Enrollment Verification form in your child’s school orientation materials. Be sure to check the contact phone numbers and email addresses to ensure their accuracy at the beginning of each school year.
  • If your contact information changes, please notify the school registrar immediately. School Messenger receives an upload of student contact information each evening.

2) Technology requirements and answering machine settings:

  • Be sure to say “Hello” when you answer the phone. The technology must hear a voice to deliver the message. School Messenger will leave a message on any answering machine or voicemail.
  • View a list of frequently asked questions parents may have about answering machines and School Messenger.