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Are incoming 9th graders required to have a dental examination?2019-07-08T14:31:44-05:00

All children in ninth grade must present proof of having been examined by a licensed dentist before May 15 of the current school year in accordance with rules adopted by the IDPH.

If a child in the ninth grade fails to present proof by May 15, the school may hold the child’s report card until the child presents proof: (1) of a completed dental examination, or (2) that a dental examination will take place within 60 days after May 15. TheSuperintendent or designee shall ensure that parent(s)/guardian(s) are notified of this dental examination requirement at least 60 days before May 15 of each school year.

Dental Exam Form (PDF Download / RFT)

What are the fees associated with courses and activities?2020-07-02T12:59:07-05:00

Full list of fees associated with courses and activities: (PDF Download. / TXT)

Does my student need a meningococcal conjugate vaccination (MCV)?2018-10-31T10:33:13-05:00

Yes, beginning Fall 2015, all students entering the sixth and twelfth grades will be required to show proof of recent meningococcal conjugate vaccination (MCV). (PDF DownloadRTF)

What are the dates for the next school year calendar?2018-05-17T09:38:27-05:00

The BTHS District 201 school calendar can be found under “Parents & Students” on the website —-School Calendar.

When are senior pictures taken?2015-03-17T09:25:38-05:00

Senior pictures are taken during the summer before senior year. A letter with the list of approved photographers and further details will be mailed to all current juniors at the beginning of May.

How do I access my student’s information on the BTHS 201 Parent/Student portal?2018-10-31T10:35:49-05:00

Please complete this form to access your student’s information on the Parent/Student Grade Portal. Then, you will find a link to the Grade Portal on the District website in the top left corner quick links or bottom footer quick links section.

Parent Portal Request Form (PDF Download / RTF)

Does the 9th grade physical count as a sports physical?2015-03-26T13:53:40-05:00

Yes, for that school year only. Sports physicals must be updated every thirteen months, per IHSA rules.

What form is required for freshman physicals?2018-10-31T10:37:37-05:00

State of Illinois certificate of child Health examination form. (PDF Download / RTF)

When are freshman physicals due?2019-07-29T10:07:22-05:00

Freshman health records must be turned in to the Health Office by the first day of the school year.

How do I contact my student’s teachers and other staff?2015-08-04T14:45:04-05:00

WEST: See the Staff Directory page on West’s school website

EAST: See the Staff Directory page on East’s school website

How can I get a copy of my transcripts?2019-09-04T11:17:07-05:00

BTHS 201 has partnered with Parchment to send your official transcript quickly and securely to outside institutions. Please see our “Transcripts” page for more detailed transcript information.

How can I get a copy of my report card?2019-07-08T15:18:32-05:00

WEST: See the registrar, Sarah Schraufnagel in the Counseling Office.

EAST: See the registrar, Barb Hermann in the Counseling Office.

How do I determine which High School I will attend if I am in a certain K-8 district?2015-03-12T11:18:02-05:00

Please contact our Department of Transportation, Rhonda Woodfin, at 618-222-8202 and she will be able to tell you whether you will be attending Belleville West or Belleville East High School according to your address.

How may I obtain a copy of my student’s health record? Or, as a former student, how may I obtain a copy of my health record?2015-03-26T12:20:14-05:00

Current student health records are available at each campus’ Health Services. Former students should contact the superintendent’s secretary at 222-8241 for a copy of their health records.

What is the policy for resting in Health Services?2015-03-26T12:18:07-05:00

If resting will help a student remain in school, a rest will be allowed, but only if the student has a pass from a current class teacher and is not missing a test or presentation. As a general rule, students may not rest for a full academic period.

What is the school’s medication policy?2018-10-31T10:40:30-05:00

If a student requires any prescription or nonprescription medication, including Tylenol and ibuprofen, during the school day, a Medication Authorization Form must be completed by both the attending physician and the parent or guardian. These forms must be completed annually.

Prescription medication brought to school must be in a current pharmacy labeled container. Non-prescription or over-the-counter medication must be in the manufacturer’s original package and labeled with the student’s name.

You can download these forms here:

Non-Prescription Medication Self-Administration Form (PDF Download / RTF)

Authorization and Permission for Administration of Prescription Medication Form (PDF Download / RTF)

If a student becomes ill or injured during the school day, what does he do?2015-03-26T12:17:38-05:00

The student should obtain a room to room pass from their teacher prior to coming to Health Services. The student should come to Health Services and sign in at the window. The student will be assessed. If the student is too ill to stay in school, a parent or emergency contact will be notified.

If a student is injured and cannot use the stairs, what accommodations are available?2018-05-29T11:32:02-05:00

The student should bring a physician’s note to Health Services. The student will be issued a “Leave Early Pass”, which will allow the student to leave class three to five minutes early.

What if a student has an injury or illness that requires exemption from PE for an extended period of time?2015-03-26T12:16:49-05:00

If a student cannot attend PE for an extended period of time, he or she should bring a physician’s note to Health Services to initiate the process. A meeting between the student, the counselor and the nurse will then take place to determine the best option for the student.

What does a student do if he cannot participate in PE for more than three days?2015-03-26T12:20:41-05:00

A physician’s note is required to excuse a student from PE for more than three days. The physician’s note should be brought to health services.

Do transfer students need a physical examination?2015-02-11T15:21:01-06:00

If a student transfers to Belleville Township High School District 201 from another Illinois school, a copy of his or her physical examination from that school is usually sufficient. Students who transfer from another state or country must have a physical examination and up-to-date immunizations within 30 days of the registration date.

How often does a student need a physical examination?2018-05-29T11:42:33-05:00

Incoming freshman are required to submit a physical examination and proof of required immunizations by the first day of school. This physical exam date may not be more than one year older than the first day of school. This physical exam will also count as a sports physical if the student plans to participate in athletics that year. Other non-incoming freshman students, or upperclassmen are not required to submit another physical exam unless they are participating in an athletic activity including marching band. Sports physicals must be updated every thirteen months, per IHSA rules.