Updated: March 15, 2020

eLearning Student Guidelines
Belleville Township High School District 201

As a student, what are my responsibilities?

Check your school email every morning. You will be sent a link to a form to complete to be counted as present. You need to complete the form by 2:00 pm each day. Night school students need to check in by 4:00 pm.

After you check in, access your assignments for each of your classes through Google Classroom or the instructions your teacher emailed you.

Complete all of your assignments by the due date your teacher provided.

Report any problems you are having to elearning@bths201.org


As a student, what can I do to stay organized?

Start your eLearning Day early, but also check throughout the day for updates. Waiting until late-afternoon or evening to start your work adds unnecessary stress.

Divide work-time into manageable, 30-40 minute sessions. It’s a lot easier to stay focused! It’s also okay to take a short break, but remember to finish your work!

Complete the work for the class that you find the easiest. Check it off your list, and then concentrate on the items that may require more time or effort.

Ask your teachers questions! Use the Google Hangouts for the fastest replies.

eLearning Student Guidelines – PDF

(eLearning Student Guidelines – RTF)