Business Office

The function of the Business Office is multi-faceted, covering everything from budget development, accounting, business insurances (school and student accident), ISBE financial reporting and day-to-day financial operations. The department is responsible for all fiscal matters of the district. The Business Office is supervised by the Assistant Superintendent.

Mr. Dustin Bilbruck, Assistant Superintendent


Correspondence for the Business Office may be directed to:

Belleville Township High School District No. 201
ATTN: Business Office
920 North Illinois St.
Belleville, IL 62220-4374

Business Office is open Mondays through Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

BUDGETING – Mr. Dustin Bilbruck, Assistant Superintendent


FINANCIAL REPORTS – Mr. Dustin Bilbruck, Assistant Superintendent


FACILITY USE/WORKERS COMPENSATION – Nancy Bergman, Superintendent’s Administrative Assistant




Human Resources

Employees are recruited, screened and hired by the Human Resources Department. The office maintains employment records for all certified, non-certified and substitute personnel. Employment policies and benefits are facilitated through this office. Transcript evaluation and approval of continuing and graduate education courses for district personnel are also the responsibliity of the Human Resources Department.

Please establish a pre-employment file by completing the online application. To complete the online application, use the ‘Start Application For Employment’ link. Thank you for your interest in Belleville Township High School District 201.

Dr. Marshaun Warren, Director of Human Resources and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Amie Boente, Human Resources Administrative Assistant


Vicki Lepere, Payroll & Activity Funds


Laura Twenhoefel, Insurance & Accounts Receivable


Special Services

Belleville Township High School District #201 offers a full continuum of services for students eligible for special education and related services in accordance with state and federal laws. Parent(s) who believe that their child may require special education services should contact the special education coordinator at their respective campus or Melissa Taylor, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services, at 618-222-8201. If it is determined that a case study evaluation is warranted to consider eligibility for special education services, parent(s) will be required to provide written consent to the evaluation and have the right to a report of the evaluation information and to participate in any meetings to determine eligibility for services. It is important to note that not all students with a disability will be eligible for special education services and it is up to a team of people, including the parents/guardians, to determine eligibility and need for special education services.

Students with disabilities who do not qualify for an individualized education program under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, may qualify for services under Section 504 of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 if the student (i) has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, (ii) has a record of a physical or mental impairment, or (iii) is regarded as having a physical or mental impairment. Questions about the identification, evaluation and placement of students should be directed to Melissa Taylor, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services, at 618-222-8201.

Availability of Related Service Logs
Students with disabilities may receive related services as part of their individual education programs (IEPs). Service providers in Belleville District #201 will maintain related service logs that record the type and number of minutes of the related service(s) administered to such students. Copies of any related service logs will be available to parents/guardians at their child’s annual review IEP meeting. Parents/guardians of students with disabilities may also request copies of their child’s related service logs at any time.

Please contact the student services office if you need additional information.

Melissa Taylor, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services


Debra Steppig, Secretary



Curtis McKay, Network Administrator

Jason Hoffmann, Network Administrator

Joe Nesbit, Instructional Technologist

Buildings & Grounds

Kelvin Samuel, Assistant Chief Engineer – Belleville East


Mike Albert, Assistant Chief Engineer – Belleville West


Jeff Baumann, Engineer – Belleville East


Mike Treece, Engineer – Belleville West



Rhonda Woodfin, Transportation Secretary