High schools using paid advertising to cover cost of new playing fields

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KPLR11, By: Patrick Clark BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI) – ‘March Madness’ may have begun, but in Belleville, Illinois they’re looking forward to football. “We have 20 ads on the field right now and we’ve got six more sometime this spring, there will be more ads on the side of the field,” says Dr. Jeff Dozier, Belleville [...]

High School Students Mentor Elementary Schoolers in Belleville

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News 4 Schools, KMOV.com BELLEVILLE, Ill. (KMOV.com) -- High school students in Belleville are acting as mentors to elementary students and while the program is just getting off the ground it is already considered a success.

Belleville Alternative High Students Become Role Models at Franklin School, BND

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BND, By Jamie Forsythe BELLEVILLE — Ja’Ron Robinson was all smiles as he sat at a table with four sixth-graders at Franklin Elementary School. He was helping the students complete a three-page science worksheet in the hallway outside their classroom. “You can just tell us the answers,” sixth-grader Kenyahn May joked. “No, you have to [...]