Good afternoon.  This is Dr. Brian Mentzer with a very important message from Belleville Township High School District #201.

We have been in constant communication with our local health officials and have explained from the very beginning that we would follow their guidance.

Today– Friday, August 7, 2020, our local health department strongly encouraged schools to begin the year remotely.  This was based on changes in two specific areas.  First, the positivity rate across the county has steadily risen in recent days.  Second, the positivity rate among our school age children has also increased significantly in recent days.   These two specific trends contributed to the health department’s statement to begin remotely.  We appreciate their leadership and value their guidance.

I want to emphasize that our schools are, and will continue to be ready, when in-person instruction is permitted.  We will determine a timeline to implement our plan for a return to in-person instruction in conjunction with the health department.    We anticipate our remote learning to continue until at least September 11.  We will continue to evaluate and collaborate prior to making any further announcements.  We understand that this announcement will be met with differing reactions, but we will remain consistent in our support of our local health officials.  We commend our professional staff for their commitment to our return to school.

The first day for online instruction will be Monday, August 17.  Please stay tuned for additional announcements early next week from your school.

Thank you.